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Breed Welsh Terrier Dog Food Supplement Saint

The Welsh Terrier developed near the township of Welsh, England, on the British Islands. Prior to their becoming house pets, they were used as ratters in the coal mines and mills of the area. During this time the average Welsh  Terrier weighed around 15 pounds. Today's small Welsh Terrier became the most popular toy breed in England after they were selectively bred down in size and made into fashionable house pets. The Welsh Terrier is one of the "slowest" of the toy breeds when it comes to the development of its skeletal structure. Thus it requires more of the nutrients found in puppy formulas for a longer period of time than the other toy breeds. When first born, they are normally a solid black color and do not become steel blue and tan in color until they reach about one year of age. This change in coat color can be used as a "gauge" for changing the dog's puppy formula to adult dog food.

Native food supplies for this breed would have been rodents, a dairy cattle form of beef, potato, sugar beet, rye, and barley. For the Welsh Terrier I recommend foods that are a blend of horse and beef meats, sugar beet, potato, wheat, and barley. I also suggest you avoid feeding a Yorkie any red fish, such as salmon, yellow corn, or soy.

First became interested in the nutritional variations between the different breeds of dogs in 1968. At that time he was the owner of a major West Coast vitamin manufacturing company producing an all breed Welsh Terrier dog food supplement that Saint Bernards thrived on but which caused nutritional distress when fed to Dalmatians.

Welsh Terrier
His curiousness about the reactions that these two breeds of  Welsh Terrier had to the one food product led him on a twenty year search to identify the nutritional morphologies for most members of the species: canine. After his research proved why a food “good for one breed can be harmful to a different breed” felt compelled to educate all dog owners about his discoveries.

Not being happy with the food I was feeding at the time, I asked for and received the best advice I've ever had on nutrition! In Maltese, coat is very important and to get the coat you have to feed the proper food. I highly recommend this book to all breeders, veterinarians and pet owners.”

Welsh Terrier
For anyone having suffered through his Welsh Terrier displaying many of the signs of improper feeding this book is a treasure chest. Most of us do not realize that dogs' nutritional needs are not like men's socks "one size fits all." It has only been in recent times that dog food companies have prepared special formulas for age groupings.

Comes along and knocks many of our pet theories, and perhaps those of the various dog food companies into a cocked hat. The article is interesting reading and zeroes in on your breed. I would advise you to read it thoroughly and ponder the significance of the research done for this enlightening blog.

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