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Guide and Tips Choosing Good Your Boxer and Boxer Puppies Health

So you’ve made the decision to purchase a boxer but what should you need to know before you set out in search of your new puppy? The first thing you should do is research some reputable breeders on your area that have a reputation for breeding quality Boxers. There are many ways to do this including contacting your local Boxer club, searching the internet and even contacting your local pet shop and asking them. An important consideration is the puppy’s bloodlines eg. Its mother and father. Make sure you check out the parents of your new Boxer puppy for unbecoming traits like aggression, hyperactive and extreme shyness. Experienced breeders will be able to give you a clear and honest background into the parents characteristics and usually have the parents on hand to view.

Boxer Puppy
Be sure to use extra caution if you are purchasing your boxer from a pet store, as they often get their supply from breeders of unknown reputation. Unfortunately some pet stores purchase their dogs from "puppy mills" as they are called and do not seem to put much emphasis on the quality, characteristics and health of Boxer puppies they offer for sale in their stores. In most cases reputable breeders and those that are members of such organizations such as the American Kennel Club, adhere to the accepted standards for Boxers in terms of uniformity in the breed, good health, temperament, size and color.

Be sure to ask your breeder for documentation detailing the pedigree of the Boxer puppy and registration papers. If the parents of the Boxer puppies are not available for viewing at the time, make sure to ask the breeder for photos of BOTH parents. You will find that most breeders are very cooperative and upfront and will usually provide these things without you having to ask for them. Professional breeders are also there to produce dog show champions or prospects so the quality is normally of a very high standard.

Even if you are not looking to raise a show champion Boxer, known breeders can provide you with some "best buy" puppies because not all the puppies in a litter are show prospect/champion materials.  But the full litter would have had benefited from the same proven bloodlines, nutrition and medical care. So you can choose from among the good-looking brothers or sisters of a potential champion for a bargain price.

Buying a boxer as a puppy is only one option for you if you want a new pet, but what if you don’t want the challenges of owning a puppy? Well your other option is to adopt an older boxer from an animal shelter. These shelters receive up to 12 million homeless dogs and cats every year in the US alone, and about 25% of
them are purebred. It’s also a nice option for those that don’t want to pay a premium price for a quality pup from a Boxer breeder as the shelter fee is usually a lot less, and not to mention you will be saving a life.

The definition of good stock or purebred must include beauty, and in a Boxer good look means the coat is fawn and brindle, with the white markings or "flash" covering not more than one-third of the entire coat. Sometimes the distribution of the "flash" alone may make the difference between a show champion and just a
pet Boxer. The all-white Boxer or "check" is unfortunately prone to blindness and deafness, and as a result the American Boxer Club members are not allowed to register, sell or use the "whites" for breeding purposes.

Boxer Puppies

If you are deciding weather to choose from a make or female, there aren’t too many differences between their personalities. At times, the male is calmer, more tolerant of other Boxer dogs, willing to hold still for those hugs than the female. But at other times, the female can be so. Some female boxers have been know to get aggressive tendencies as they get older, but as boxers have such strong personalities each Boxer dog will certainly differ.


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