Monday, April 18, 2011

South East Asian Variant or Type Arowana as an Ornament Fish

Arowana Fish is the most majestic, most beautiful, most elegant, most exotic, most expensive, most demanded, most admired and a symbol of wealth for many aquarium fish lover in the world. The most beautiful and colorful Arowana in the world originated from the South East Asia mainly from Malaysia and Indonesia. Asian Arowana fossil record dated 140 million years ago during the Early Cretaceous, Amazon Silver Arowana fossil dated 170 million years ago during Middle Jurassic, and African Arowana fossil dated 220 million years ago during the Late Triassic period. Arowana Fish can be considered the most perfected species and can leave until today where most of the dinosaur that leave during the same period already extinct.

Red Arowana

Basically there are five main types of Arowana that originated from the South East Asia Region. The types are Malaysian Golden Arowana from West Malaysia; Red Tail Golden Arowana from Pekan Baru Riau Sumatra Indonesia or known as Indonesian Golden Arowana; Red Arowana from West Kalimantan Indonesia; Silver Arowana from Borneo Indonesia & Cambodia and; Green Arowana from Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. Arowana is the most expensive and consider the most beautiful aquarium fish in the world and has a life as long as human being. In the wild Arowana can leave 30-90 years of age. Arowana can be considered a long life pets for many people. The most expensive and the most colorful Arowana is the Malaysian Golden Arowana originated from West Malaysia and the most expensive and the most beautiful Red Arowana originated from West Kalimantan Indonesia.

White Silver Arowana

Since the population of wild Arowana has decline and near extinction many farms are breading Arowana in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Due to the great demand world wide the Arowana are currently classified as an endangered species threatened with extinction in the Convention on the International Trade in Endanger Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). The Green Arowana still available in abundance in the wild and also considers as an endanger species. There is Green Arowana with purple based color and unique pattern also highly demanded and fetch very high prices. The Arowana fry size is about 2 inches when it starts swimming freely. Usually Arowana achieved a size of about 14 inches after one year old and 18 inches after two years and achieve maximum size of 36 inches after ten years old.

Golden Arowana

Two years Arowana selling prices usually 2-5 times of Arowana size 4-5 inches. Growing Arowana therefore is an excellent investment and a worthwhile hobby that can be enjoyed by many people.
Since Arowana grow very fast in the first two years the minimum size of aquarium recommended is 48’X18”X18”. Larger size of aquarium will reduce water replacement frequency and provide more space for Arowana to swim.

Arowana is an acidic fish and love clean flowing water with PH 6 to PH 7. PH above 7 will make the color less attractive and induce slower growth rate, for fish age below 12 months the grow rate is about one inch a month. PH below 6 on the other hand will make the Arowana become more aggressive and uncomfortable. PH below 3 or above 10 endangers the Arowana life and must be avoided. Red Arowana needs more acidic water PH 5 to PH 6.

Super Red Arowana

In the aquarium due to the limited water quantity the PH reduce from 7 to the lower PH due to Arowana waste and by product. To improve the PH regular change of water is required. Regular changes of water also improve the water quality in improving the minerals level. For 48”X18”x18” aquarium it is recommended that 30 % of the water to be change every one week or whenever the PH goes below 6. The change of 30 % of the water is recommended so that no drastic change in PH, water temperature and chlorine content will affect the Arowana drastically.

Green Arowana

The used of good PH measurement equipment is highly recommended. Excellent water quality free from unwanted virus, bacteria and parasites is the key elements for healthy and long life Arowana. Almost 90 % of Arowana in Aquarium die due to poor water quality, careless during water changing process i.e. adding chlorine tap water to aquarium without applying correct amount of anti chlorine and feeding too much food. Too much food reduces water quality and will encourage bacteria and parasites growth and develop potential disease.

Arowana need minerals, vitamins, good quality water and sufficient balance diet to be healthy. The used of dried sea almond leaf to provide natural organic acids, minerals, vitamins and hormone is highly recommended.


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