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Type Red Arowana And Indonesia Super Red Arowana

Indonesian Arowana and Indonesian Red Arowana

Indonesia is the home of Red Arowana, Red Tail Gold (Indonesian Golden Arowana), Silver Arowana and Green Arowana. Indonesia currently the largest producer of Red Arowana in the world and actively involve the Red Arowana Breading. Red Arowana and Super Red Arowana is the Indonesian Pride and has very high demand as the color Red brings luck, symbol of strength and power in many cultures. Indonesian Red Arowana family consists of Blood Red Arowana, Chili Red Arowana, Orange Red Arowana, Golden Red Arowana, Yellow Red Arowana and Banjar Red Arowana. The Blood Red Arowana, Chili Red Arowana and Orange Red Arowana are groups together and further classified as Super Red Arowana as the Metallic Red Color around the scale is very obvious and all the Super Red Arowana is consider fully Cross Back Arowana.

Banjar Red Arowana Originaly

Blood red Arowana 
Blood red Arowana develop its metallic red ring color around the scale very early 4-9 months age similar to the Malaysian Golden Cross Back Arowana. Blood Red Arowana has dark metallic blue base color at the top part of the scale and metallic green to yellow base at the bottom part of the scale. The infant eye is smaller and the tail is rounded similar to the Malaysian Golden Arowana. The fin is blood red color. The body shapes also the same as the Malaysian Golden Arowana.

Blood Red Arowana

Chili Red Arowana 
Chili Red Arowana on the other hand has a very large orange eye almost touching the head scull and an obvious diamond shape tail red in color. Young Chili Red Arowana has bluish metallic base color and after the age 5-9 months and above the metallic red ring color can be seen very conspicuously. At the age 1-2 years the red metallic ring around the scale and the base color will be fully develop. The top part is dark green in color.

Chili Red Arowana

Orange Red Arowana 
Orange Red Arowana is the most affordable to purchase the ring metallic color is orange and the metallic base color is orange yellow or light green. The tail is rounded less red and usually develops its full color after 1-3 years of age.

Golden and Yellow Red Arowana or Super Red Arowana
Golden and Yellow Red Arowana are the lowest quality of Red Arowana more common and affordable to purchase the ring metallic color is metallic yellow and the metallic base color is golden yellow or light green. The tail is rounded less red and usually develops its full color after 3-5 years of age. This Arowana is the results of cross breed with Yellow Tail or Green Arowana.

Super Red Arowana

Banjar Red Arowana
Banjar Red Arowana is similar to the Yellow Tail or Green Arowana, the tail is rounded red in color and the scale is metallic green in color. This is the most affordable Arowana as the price is affordable and the color is very much attractive.

Other Indonesian Arowana
Indonesia also the home for the Red Tail Golden, Grey Tail Silver Arowana and Green Arowana. These Arowana is more affordable and the supply is plenty. RTG or Indonesian Golden Arowana come from Pekan Baru Riau Sumatera Indonesia is very similar to Malaysian Golden Arowana available in Johore State during the old days. The Indonesian Golden Arowana (RTG) also has base color; Blue, Green and Golden. The only difference is the Rim is larger. The Rim is the Golden Color at the end if the scale. Most of the RTC is High Back or Super High Back Arowana. To date cross back RTG or the Golden Head RTG is not known.

Home of the Indonesian Arowana

Red Tail Golden Arowana Original Kalimantan

The famous Blood Red and Chili Red Arowana come from the Lake Sentarum in West Kalimantan Indonesia. Lake Sentarum consists of many small lakes connected to each other and link to River Kapuas. The Red Tail Golden (Indonesian Golden Arowana) originated from Pekan Baru Riau Sumatra Indonesia, and Indonesian Silver with Grey Tail Arowana from Borneo Indonesia.

Making a choice to become Arowana lover is the best decision to many people. They enjoy the beauty of the Arowana, they learn to take care the Arowana. Since Arowana has good prices it is a hobby that can be converted into business and contributed to our life style. Many people begin with Amazon Silver Arowana costs about USD10 a piece and move on to Yellow Tail Arowana, Green Arowana, Banjar Red Arowana, RTG, Malaysian Golden High Back, Red Arowana, Malaysian Golden Cross Back Arowana and finally Malaysian Golden Head Arowana.


liver deux said...

Sarangnya Arowana (Silok) Super Red.
A cultural presentation to release Arowana Super Red in nature at Kapuas Hulu - West Borneo.

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