Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Cobra Sankes and Hognose Snakes

Hognose snakes are native to the USA and completely harmless. They have a broad head that often leads people to erroneously believe they are venomous. When threatened, the hognose snake inflates its head and spreads its neck, doing a very good impersonation of real cobra. If this fails, the hognose snake rolls onto its back and plays dead. This ‘cobra impersonating’ bluff makes the snake look large and scary, but it can also cost it its life. When in the state of hysteria, associated with hoax cobras in news reports, scared people will kill it, thinking it is one of the phantom cobras.

The snake pictures below illustrate how a Hognose snake can be easily mistaken for a Cobra because of similar body posture or coloration. This is especially true if the person encountering the snake is scared, or if the ambient light is low.

Cobra Sankes and Hognose Snakes

Cobra Sankes and Hognose Snakes


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