Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Jikin Goldfish Amazing View Top Down

Jikin Goldfih originally defined as having similar body shape to the Wakin. Jikin head “upturned” – unique to this fish. Tail structure different; tail must form an “X” and be perpendicular to the body. Coloration important to fish – best specimens have pure white (silver) body with twelve red markings. Jikin should be observed from side and top; swimming motion important and Jikin that have clumsy swimming motion are considered inferior Notice compact body shape; “X” shape of tail; head should be upturned (not shown on line drawing); thick caudal peduncle.

Jikin Goldfish

Jikin is Excellent side view of Jikin, showing upturned head, proper coloring, and spread of tail.  Very good side view of Jikin, upturned head not yet developed; coloring good (if somewhat heavy), good tail spread. Top down view of Jikin showing tail spread; note that colors are not “perfect.”

Another top down view of Jikin, although tail spread not as good on previous picture, and coloring not as good as “Ideal” 12 color red. Top down view of immature Jikin, showing better tail spread and development of red color in proper 12 spot configuration.

Jikin Goldfish


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