Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brown Water Snake and Common Brown Water Snake

Common Brown Water Snake Scientific Name: Lycodonomorphus Rufulus

They Common Brown Water Snake are harmless to humans, but Zulu people traditionally believe them to be very dangerous. Adults average about 45cm to 60cm in length, seldom exceeding 85cm. Females are usually longer than males. Their colour is a uniform dark blackish above, while in others it is olive or light brown. The under parts are beautiful mother-of-pearl, pink or yellowish.

Common Brown Water Snake
Common Brown Water Snake Distribution They occur in most of the former Transvaal Province, the eastern Free State, the whole of KwaZulu-Natal, the Eastern Cape, and down a coastal strip to the Western Cape.

Habitat Common Brown Water Snake They prefer the well-watered eastern parts of the country. They also prefer rivers, streams, vleis and damp areas in grasslands, moist savanna, lowland forest and fynbos. It is common throughout its range and can be found beneath rocks, logs and other debris. They are nocturnal and aquatic. They swim very well. They are usually confined to very damp localities near streams and rivers. They are mainly active at night, but they may hunt along shaded streams during the day.

Common Brown Water Snake
The Common Brown Water Snake Food they are a powerful constritor that feeds on frogs, tadpoles, small fish, and occasionally nestlings and rodents.

Common Brown Water Snake Reproduction they are oviparous, laying 6 to 23 eggs in mid-summer. The young measure 15cm to 22cm.


Michael said...

Is there any difference between a common brown water snake and a regular water snake ( http://www.watersnake.net/ )? Is that snake also venomous?

Anonymous said...

Nice share! The most common watersnakes belong to the family of "Florida snakes" which are, obviously, originated in Florida. They are constrictors and non-venomous. But contrary to what others believe, these are still not ideal as pets. floridasnakes.net

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