Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gordon Setter Originating Scotland Dogs

The Gordon Setter is the only breed of dog called "Setter" originating in Scotland. The Duke of Gordon developed this specific breed at the kennels on his estate. He developed it to be both a working and hunting dog. They herded sheep and pointed to feathered game for sportsmen. This combination was ideal for gentlemen who needed a working dog for most of the week and a good hunting companion for the week end.  The Gordon Setter has a special need for a high fat content diet. This need for additional dietary fat is especially high when the setter is working or when it is under stress.

Gordon Setter

Large quantities of water must accompany the additional dietary fat intake during these times. A sure
sign that the dog requires additional fat in its dietary intake is a brittle coat. When the Gordon Setter has the proper amount of fat in the diet, its coat is very soft. The best sources of fats for this breed are vegetable or poultry fats. The worst source of fat for the Gordon Setter is beef fat.The upcoming meeting for the Badgerland Gordon Setter Club is to be held on November 8th at Clyde and Betsy Sippel’s home. This will be the annual board meeting. The morning will be a hunting trip for anyone interested. Bring your dogs.

We will then have a potluck lunch and hold the meeting after lunch. All members with interest in the club events for are welcome to attend. Hope you have had a great summer! Everyone’s been busy, from what I’ve heard. Blake and Bret Rhoden spent a lot of time at Grandma Rhoden’s helping out and going to the harness races. Gail Godding and Rob and Dawn Mosgawa added puppies to their households. Gail’s Gordon Setter girl hails from Australia and Rob and Dawn’s English Setter girl has added some regal color. We hear there are new mini beeves at Phil and Holly’s. Frank and I have a cabin on a trout stream now. The weekends are filled with remodeling now, partying soon.

Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter's native environment in Scotland provided food sources of potatoes, wheat, corn, and poultry of the wild game variety. Therefore, I recommend a blend of foods that are high in their
carbohydrate-to-protein ratio as the ideal diet for the Gordon Setter. The blend I recommend would contain potatoes, wheat, corn, and poultry. Conversely, I feel the worst blend would be white rice, soy, beef, or horse meat and their by-products.
This Gordon Setter is the annual board meeting. We will be discussing upcoming events for 2004. Any club members with interest in the BGSC events for 2004, are welcome. The weekend will start with a morning bird hunt for all interested members and dogs. We will have a potluck lunch and hold the meeting after lunch. Anyone wishing to stay over is welcome, please let Betsy know. Hunters and dogs will head for the fields again Sunday.


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