Saturday, July 2, 2011

Varanus Hydrosuarus and Psammosarus

Varanus sp. was reported from the mangroves of east coast of India (Kathiresan and Rajendran, 2000).
The name of “Monitor” bestowed upon these creatures has a curious origin, owing to a ridiculous etymological mistake. The Arabic term for lizard is “Ouaran”.


Varanus salvator

This has been wrongly taken to mean warning lizard, hence the Latin word‐Monitor. One of the many synonymous of this genus varanus are Hydrosuarus and Psammosarus.

Varanus cummingi
Varanus jobiensis-batanta
Varanus rudicolis

Many of the “Monitors” are semi‐aquatic, and others inhabit dry, sandy areas, while others are in well‐wooded localities. They are rapacious, taking whatever animals they can master according to their size, which in some species amounts to 6 to 7 feet.


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