Saturday, July 2, 2011

Cheloniidae Sea Turtle

Cheloniidae, Chelonia mydas Agassizii


Shell, Cheloniidae Sea Turtle head and flippers were covered with horny lamellae (scutes); horny beak never ‘W’ shaped when viewed from the front; flippers with 1 or 2 claws. Carapace oval, depressed, its width about 88% of the total length. Head small (about 20% of carapace length), with a single pair of prefrontal scutes; edge of lower jaw coarsely toothed, that of upper jaw with strong ridges on inner surface.


Four pairs of lateral scutes on carapace, anterior pairs not touching the precentral scute; 4 pairs of inframarginal scutes on plastron; a single claws on each side. Upper side dark olive brown or black, scutes of carapace shiny with radiating yellow, green and black spots; underside pale grey or whitish. Eggs are white, spherical, about 4.5 cm in diameter, and 38 g in weight. It is interesting to note these turtles browse the leaves of Avicennia and the fruits of mangroves.


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