Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lizards India Reptile Species

Lizards are classified as sub‐order Sauria of the class reptilia. Lizards are characterized by a short body with four well‐developed limbs, a short, flat tongue and an external ear opening. Some limbless lizards which
have elongated bodies are snake‐like in appearance but they can be identified by their distinctive ear openings and movable eyelids, which are quite foreign to the prey and also as sensory organs. The ability to shed the tail and regenerate a new one in its place is possessed by geckos, lizards and snakes.


Most of the lizards can change colour, depending on the light, temperature and the mood of animal. Males are larger and brilliantly coloured than females. Lizards principally feeds on insects and small animals. Indian lizards range from a 5 cm long sting to 2.5m long water monitor (Varanus salvator). There are no venomous lizards in India.


Most commonly available lizards were Varanus, Chameleon and Calotes. Calotes are easily identified by colouration, while Chameleon with green colour and change its colour according to the environment. Tail end is always coiled. Varanus can be identified with the brown colour on the dorsal side and arranged bands.


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