Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thread Snake world Small Snakes

Thread snakes are small, thin snakes that look fairly similar to earthworms. Two species have been recorded in The Gambia so far. They have tiny mouths quite incapable of biting a human and have very primitive eyes. They burrow underground and are active during the night and day. They follow the scent trails of their main prey (ants and termites), to their nests and they have also been found in bird’s nests where they eat fleas. When attacked by soldier ants and termites they coil up and produce pheromones, which prevent the soldiers from damaging them. Thread snakes are most commonly seen by farmers when they are preparing their fields for sowing crops, and are probably common and widespread throughout The Gambia.


Howling Coyote Wildlife Services said...

Ive found several of these here in Texas.. I remove snakes for a living and was puzzled when my fiance came across this on our concrete patio. They feed on ant and termite larvae. This would explain why I found a nest of them at the base of some termite damaged wood. Fascinating. I never knew these existed.

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