Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arabian Horses Exhibition Breed On Egyptian For Championships

On April 27 an Exhibition of some of the finest Egyptian Arabian horses in the country was organized by EAHBA on the EAO grounds. The event was a resounding success and was attended by dignitaries and horse lovers from all over the world. Mr. Sakr summed up the theme for this year’s event in his opening speech. “We are not here to compete for honors, but rather to honor the horses that have touched our souls, to appreciate their heritage, to applaud their beauty. We hope you enjoy this historical gathering and share in the camaraderie and good fellowship among breeders who are taking the art of breeding Egyptian Arabian Horses to a new dimension in this millennium.”

Arabian Black Horses
EAHBA’s list of events for the 2001/20002 season include Two Halter Championships, Two Endurance ride competitions, Veterinary seminars in addition to the Short distance races. They also plan to publish the first pictorial Reference handbook of Egyptian Arabian horses in Egypt. 

Arabian White Horses


equusdea said...

The black horse is a Friesian not an Arabian...

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