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Wire Fox Terrier Certain Essential Vitamins Minerals and Food dog

I have always advocated feeding the very best to your Wire Fox Terrier puppy for the first 6-12 months, because after that you can literally feed them whatever you like for the rest of their lives and they will usually still remain healthy. It is imperative to get the correct nutritional foundation In the Wire Fox Terrier puppy to ensure a long and healthy life. A lot of people think that fast foods or commercially processed dog foods - are the best and safest way of ensuring giving their dog all the correct nutrients the dog needs.

Wire Fox Terrier

This is far from the truth. Just like fast foods in humans they supply the basic essentials but also cause a lot of the same problems that bother humans: such as having too high a carbohydrate content so if fed ad lib the Wire Fox Terrier get too fat; they are often full of artificial colourings and E-numbers, which can lead to allergies and hyperactive behaviours; In many cases there is a lack of certain essential vitamins and minerals. Etc.

The dog food industry produce products catering to changing demands from the customers all dependant on which fads are in at the moment. An example of this being the variations seen in protein content in the various products available on the market. A researcher once said the dog needs a constant level of protein throughout in its diet-and with the exception of times when the dog is a puppy where the requirements are higher or in the times of illness where the requirements could be lower this demand does not alter.

Wire Fox Terrier

Another problem is that due to the very strong lobby in the human population against high fat diets for humans many of the commercial dog diets have now included low fat content for Wire Fox Terrier dogs (again marketing an incorrect product aimed at ignorant dog owners who have no idea what is good or bad for the dog) which again causes extremely dry coats and can cause severe scratching. I must repeat that dogs are carnivores and they would eat a high portion of animal fat. It is essential for their coats and for their energy and should not be removed from their diet. Also a majority of commercial foods tend to be too soft and lack the roughage when going through the intestines in comparison to the non commercial foods they should be eating and this softness can lead to dental plaque in the oral cavity, to anal gland problems and to constant digestive problems.

It is therefore imperative for everyone that own a dog to understand what the dog would eat if in the wild and to remember that they are NOT humans who are semi- herbivores but are carnivores who’s main ingredient in the wild would be of animal origin. They would eat the same as the wolves, the dingo and members of the wild cat family such as the lions and tigers.(I have never seen a zoo feed their lions and tigers with a full feed!

Modern research has found that a protein content of up to around 35%in a dog’s diet would be completely ok for most Wire Fox Terrier and dogs to eat. All the low protein diets available on the market play into the hands of ignorant dog owners who have been incorrectly informed (often by vets who sometimes use the term ”protein” poisoning which is a problem encountered in other animal species but most certainly not in the dog!

Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier and dog in the wild would first and foremost eat products of animal origin as it’s main diet-and I have seen domestic dogs eat nothing else throughout their adult life and thrive on it. I cannot emphasise enough: REMEMBER the dog is a carnivore :

Another problem is that a large number of Companies making commercial foods for dogs try to find the cheapest source of protein as possible and soy beans have been used extensively throughout the industry as these beans are high in protein content and very cheap to produce and buy. However soy beans being a vegetable is not a natural food for the dog- and many breeds have reacted quite strongly to this. I have seen a number of Wire Fox Terrier dogs get very dry skin from this which has led to extensive itching and dermatitis.

Another cheap protein source though less used in commercial foods nowadays due to the increase in prices is fish- which alas has a nasty side effect although popular with the dog the more smelly fish have a terrible tendency to give a strong fishy smell which is secreted through the sweat glands in the skin. So although an occasional fish meal is excellent for the dog, not advisable to be used continuously.

Bones are also a very good source of protein not to mention the important minerals such as Calcium and Phosphorus (see under B). Some modern dog diets advocate dogs only eating raw bones-they say that the collagen in the bone when cooked is changed and not as nutritious as in the raw bone. This may well be correct but in our modern times some purchased meats and bones can be contaminated by harmful bacteria such as E-coli and salmonella, often contaminated through poor slaughter.

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