Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jaguar Carpets Python and Albino carpets Python Amazing Snakes

Jaguar Carpets Python One of the more familiar morphs is the jaguar carpet python. The jaguar is a rare genetic mutation that originates from the coastal carpet python. The first jaguar was produced in 1994 as a result of breeding two seemingly normal coastals. In 1998, the trait was proven to be genetic, though it is still poorly understood. It seems to be working in a codominant fashion, in that the trait is expressed in one form or another in the first generation of offspring. This trait has proven to be much more complex than any other snake morph in existence. Several phases of the jaguar have appeared from the same genetic strain, including the hypo jaguar, red hypo jaguar, spotted red hypo jaguar, banded jaguar, patternless or “banana” jaguar and many more.

Jaguar carpet python

It is also worth mentioning that some of the “normal” siblings found among the jaguar clutches tend to differ to varying degrees from those of the wild type (normal unrelated coastals). Many (especially from the hypo and red hypo lines) develop dramatic contrast and brilliant color with age. Some closely resemble the pattern and coloration of a jungle carpet python (M.s. cheynei), and others look like diamond/jungle crosses. This is one reason we think the jaguar is not a typical codominant
trait, but possibly a collaboration of multiple genes working together and/or independently. We hope to learn more about the genetic potential normal siblings possess. This beautiful coastal carpet is a tiger morph, which is a co-dominant trait.

Jaguar carpet python

Tiger or tri-striped carpets. The tiger carpet python or tri-striped carpet python is also a coastal carpet morph. This handsome morph has been widely underappreciated in U.S. collections for several years. They display prominent, broad, multicolored stripes running down the back and laterals. On some specimens, the stripes can be a brilliant yellow and completely unbroken from head to tail. It is a proven codominant trait without a known visible homozygous form.

Jaguar carpet python

Axanthic Carpets Python. Another coastal morph, the axanthic originated in Sweden and represents another simple recessive trait. Axanthic animals lack xanthopores, which produce yellow pigment in skin cells. The result is an animal with a blue/black, white and gray appearance. Granite carpets. The latest carpet morph to hit the scene originated in Holland in 2001 and is known as the granite. This is a rare genetic form of the Irian Jaya carpet and a proven simple recessive trait. Like the jaguar, the first granite produced came from two normal-appearing Irian Jayas. These snakes are speckled with orange, yellow, brown, white, black and purple scales that sometimes form complex patterns. Jaguar phases include the hypo jaguar, re hypo jaguar, spotted red hypo jaguar, banded jaguar, patternless or "banana" jaguar and many more. Pictured is an adult male red hypo jaguar.

Axanthic Carpets Python
Albino carpets Python

Albino carpets Python. In Australia, there is a breeding project involving an albino northwestern carpet python named “Blondie.” Several baby albinos have been produced, thus proving the trait. Designer carpets. There have also been breeding projects going on around the globe, where people are breeding the jaguar to various other carpets, such as jungles, Irian Jayas and diamond/jungle crosses. Soon the jaguar gene will likely be carried over into the other forms of carpet pythons by breeding the hatchling jaguars back to their corresponding parent species. So far, the results have been amazing.

Albino carpets Python


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