Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jungles Carpets Python And Coastal Carpets Python

Jungle Carpets Python

Jungles Carpets Python are without a doubt one of the most popular and colorful of all the available carpet pythons. They are a medium-sized python that attains an average length of 5 to 7 feet, with males being consistently smaller than females (as is the case with all carpet python species). Jungles are indigenous to the very warm and humid tropical rain forests of northeastern Australia, known as the Atherton Tablelands. Jungles are normally found in trees or thick vegetation above the ground near the numerous waterways and tributaries that flow through the region.

Jungles Carpets Python

Jungle carpets are most noted for their trademark jet black and brilliant yellow bands, though they are more commonly black or brown contrasted by gold or tan. They can also occasionally be black and white or ivory. Maturity normally brings a certain degree of “tipping.” This is when dark flecks of melanin invade the lighter portions of the pattern, but yellow tipping can also develop within the black bands, which is quite attractive. Tipping can appear as either a rich speckling or a dark muddy wash. The selective breeding efforts of various individuals over the past several years have been geared toward eliminating dark tipping from the lighter portions of the pattern in order to create cleaner,
brighter-appearing animals.

Jungles Carpets Python

The authors maintain their collection of carpet pythons in custom plastic cages at their facility. Hatchlings are normally grayish tan or amber contrasted by either brown or black. The pattern is normally banded, but it can also be partially or completely striped or randomly blotched.

Coastal Carpets Python

Coastal carpets Python are sometimes referred to as “Queensland” carpets and are the largest of the carpet pythons. They have been known to attain lengths of up to 14 feet, but specimens in U.S. collections rarely exceed 9 feet. They populate a large stretch of the eastern coast of Australia, overlapping the natural range of the jungle carpet to the north and extending into the diamond’s range in the south. Natural intergrades occur where their ranges overlap.

Coastal Carpets Python

Hatchlings are shades of tan, brown and white, and some localities (such as Brisbane) are known to produce red- or orange-phase neonates. Very little has been done in the way of selectively breeding the coastal for color. Proven genetic mutations for the coastal include the axanthic, tiger (or tri-striped) and jaguar, which has manifested itself in numerous different forms. Diamond pythons (M. s. spilota) originate in southeastern Australia, where overall temperatures are cooler. This results in a darker and more diurnal snake.

 Coastal Carpets Python


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